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[Spoiler] "My Princess" Song Seung-heon '5 commandments' confession? Online 'heated up'.

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[Spoiler] "My Princess" Song Seung-heon '5 commandments' confession? Online 'heated up'.
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Song Seung-hun's 5 commandments confession' is heating up the Internet.

On the 9th, in the MBC drama "My Princess" Song Seung-hun confessed his true love for Lee Seol (Kim Tae-hee) as he was preparing to leave the palace to save the imperial family and her.

He especially touched viewers hearts when he enjoyed his date with Lee Seol, pressing down the pain in his heart at the thought of having to leave her.

Park Hae-young (Song Seung-hun) decides to leave the country as his plans to stop the reinstatement of the imperial family fails as he begins to love Lee Seol and even dreams of a happy ending with her when he tells her to be his woman instead of a princess.

Hae-young plans a last date with Lee Seol and orders her not to step a meter away from him. They then go to Kyeong Bok Palace where they first met and enjoy their time together.

Hae-young grabs Lee Seol's hand, tells her to listen carefully and demands five things from her. "One, don't let anyone grab your hand. Two, don't get into any car. Three, don't get on the back of anyone. Four, don't drink and be drunk in front of anyone. And lastly, five, don't let anyone confess to you".

Those who have seen the episode poured their hearts out",It felt like his true heart was being transferred to her", "Just when I thought these two were doing so well", "I became weak seeing him hold her hands".

Meanwhile, on this day's episode, Lee Seol's step sister Lee Dan (Kang Ye-sol) who has Empress Myeongseong's sachet, officially reveals her plans to bring down Lee Seol with Yoon Joo (Park Ye-jin) and increased tension. This holds back Hae-young who decided to leave the country and as dangers overlook Lee Seol, viewers are looking forward to the next episode.

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