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[News] 2PM’s Wooyoung reflects on his debut as an actor for “Dream High”.

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[News] 2PM’s Wooyoung reflects on his debut as an actor for “Dream High”.
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On January 25th, the cast of “Dream High” attended a press conference for their show, which was held on the actual film set of the drama. During the interview, 2PM’s Wooyoung shared his thoughts on his debut as an actor.

Wooyoung began by talking about how he’s learning the new craft. “I’m still really nervous right now. When reviewing the monitor, I learn a lot from Taecyeon and Soohyun-hyung. I’m taking part in this drama with the stance of an actor and am truly learning a lot from those around me by ‘bothering’ them for tips (laughter).”

He continued, “I’m learning in a fun way, so I hope viewers look forward to my role as ‘Jason.’”

When asked to choose a scene he liked or disliked, Wooyoung replied,”My favorite scene was the karaoke scene [with IU].“

He continued, “A scene I didn’t particularly like was when I asked ‘Pil Sook’ whether she filed to drop out or not. I think I lacked confidence in that scene, especially since ‘Jason’ is a very confident and charming character overall. I felt like I froze because it was my first time, so those are aspects I will be working on.”

At the mention of his “Milky” love line with IU, he explained, “I’m genuinely thankful towards the viewers for giving their interest and support towards the ‘Pil Sook’ and ‘Jason’ love line. IU helps me greatly, as I feel that her character is great at accepting ‘Jason.’ I hope that their love line continues in a cute and beautiful manner in the future.”

Wooyoung concluded, “Despite the cold weather and her poor condition, she works hard, so I’m proud. Since my castmates are my friends and we’re all heading towards our dreams, there is some competition, but I’m able to work harder because of that. Even if we don’t receive great viewer ratings, I’d still like to thank everyone. I’ll be working harder with better effort.”

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