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“Woodman Casting Call”: France Ravishes Germany

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One thing you gotta know when you’ve got the slightest German blood, is that someone with a bit of French in them may take it against you. Especially when you trash and squeal in German. You see, in the heat of the German Invasion of Europe somewhere in the quiet French village of Lique Ze Dique, German soldiers bulldozed their way into the town and castrated over 50 French men, raped their wives, their daughters, their cows and sheep, and sent their sons to beautician concentration camps where they were turned into squealing homosexual hairdressers and served as main meat entertainment for the ass-loving senior officers of the SSS …. and these boys who turned flaming f’s were kept in captivity, up until the Korean war broke out. True story! :)

So when half-French whole-pervert Pierre Woodman was given a shot at screening 1/4-German and total hot red-head Suzan “Suzanna” Wienold for ‘Private Casting LTD‘, he made sure to reorient himself with the history of Lique Ze Dique and took it upon himself to avenge his countrymen. Of course, Woodman being the Professional that he is, made sure that the roughness stayed within the bounds of sex and that the slapping, the hair tugging, and the threat to ‘rip titties‘ were but elements of the rough sex routine.

Let me warn you first, the following flick is Rough. So if Rough Sex bothers you, check if your lineage goes back to the village of Lique Ze Dique.

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